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Looking for a wholesome approach to healing? Jump on the Wellness Wagon for Holistic healing. Healing for mind, body, and soul. Welcome to a natural journey of wellness.

Home of holistic healing

Wellness Wagon offers you a way to heal through nature. After all,that’s what you are.

Everything you need for physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health.

Experienced, qualified & Insured holistic practitioner, Personal trainer, Certified vegan nutritionist, Specialist interest in an Alkaline diet (Cleanse and detox), Crystal & Quantum energy healer, laughter yoga and meditation facilitator.

Dedicated to helping you as a whole - Mind, body and soul.

Everthing Holistic Healing

Looking for a wholesome approach to healing? Jump on the Wellness Wagon for Holistic healing. Healing for mind, body and soul.

Whatever you are looking for we can help you on your healing journey. We offer holistic and natural treatments, support and guidance for:


Why suffer when you don't have too?!



Heal your energy body and your physical 

Sustainable weight loss

No need to starve!

Stress, anxiety, depression

Natural relief



Heal from the inside out



Laughter is medicine

And more! We help you heal, not just mask your symptoms.

Here at Wellness wagon, you are more than just your physical body! You have a physical body, but also an energetic body, emotions, feelings and spirit. If one part of you is out of balance, it has a knock-on effect in another area - they are all connected.

What is your energy body?

Your energy body is in and around your physical body. Outside your physical body, you have an energy called an aura – some people are gifted and are able to see these. Inside your physical body, you have chakras/ energy centres. Your 7 main chakras, these are connected to physical, mental and emotional parts of your body.

If you have an imbalance or blockage in an energy centre it will manifest in your physical or mental body as dis-ease.

Wellness wagon’s areas of expertise are the areas in which we have experienced healing, so you are not alone and we know exactly how you feel and can assure you there is no judgement here. Our specialist area's are Stress, anxiety, depression, obesity, fibromyalgia  body dysmorphia and bulimia.

This is done by treating you as a whole! 

If you can not find what you are looking for, please get in touch over on ‘Contact us’ and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Happy healing!

Reviews from Customers


I couldn't recommend Charlie enough, I have just completed her online 21 day challenge and to say I'm amazed with the results would be an understatement. You learn so much about food and habits that can change and do change and make such a difference.

Thank you so much

- Wendy Rhodes

I was very nervous going to the class to exercise with my baby but I felt so comfortable that if he needed my attention I could see to him and nobody would mind and I definitely feel like I have worked hard......

- Andrea

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Whatever your healing goals, you are not alone!

Fed up of getting no relief from conventional medicine then try holistic healing. We are here to support, guide, motivate and advice you every step of your journey.